Appointment Scheduling

Most business owners now use #appointment scheduling software to ensure that there is no double booking of time slots. However, the software doesn’t work by itself and you may find yourself feeding in information and appointment timings too often. A #virtual_assistant will ensure that the appointments and timings (with changes in schedules etc.) are uploaded […]

Reminder Services

Business folk wear a number of hats and that also means they juggle #schedules, travel, #appointments, meetings and more. Many also find it very difficult to use integrated software and manage it well. You can reduce the possibility of a slip-up by hiring the services of a #virtual_assistant to send you text reminders, email reminders, […]

Moderating Blog Comments

When you have a business #blog site and upload content regularly, you will start receiving online comments from readers. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation and keep your readers engaged and is something you’d have to do with consistency. A #virtual_assistant can moderate these comments, reply, disapprove or approve as appropriate. When […]

Bill Pay

You need to pay your bills. You scan, mail or fax them to Your Online Personal Assistant, or, with automatic billpay, bills are paid monthly automatically. Your #virtual_assistant sets up an online bill payment service with payment authorization for you. Your Online Personal Assistant prepares payments and enters them into accounting software that you can […]

PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

It’s common for some #presentations, flyers and other content to be created in PDF format. But when you need to use, edit or add to any of the information on a PDF file, you need to convert, slip or merge it. While there is software for the actual conversion, merging and splitting, the task has […]

Event Planning

Want to meet a big group of friends for dinner? Have a #virtual_assistant find a location, send out invites, answer people’s questions, and generally take care of logistics.

Answer Inquiries and Messages on All Channels & Profiles

If you are an active user of Social Media sites and have business profiles on various platforms, managing all of them can be a difficult task. The one way to maintain consistency in the manner in which these accounts and profiles are managed, and enquiries and messages are responded to across all channels, is to […]

WordPress Functionality

Every website requires regular site maintenance as formatting issues can surface out of the blue. You may also want to update the content on your site to reflect new products, services or may want to tweak the existing design of the website. Hire a #virtual_assistant to help with site maintenance, troubleshooting as well as to […]

Simple eBook Layout/Formatting

Many businesses publish ebooks; it’s a great way to provide current and prospective customers valuable information and establishing your reputation as an expert in the field. While writing the content may be something you could manage yourself, the layout and formatting can be quite tedious and requires time and practice. Hiring a #virtual_assistant for the […]

Project Management Between You & Team Members

Project management can be a very complex task, even for a small business. It involves goal setting, delegating tasks, coordinating between the team members, scheduling, collecting data and reporting as well. It’s a good idea to outsource project management between you and all your team members, to a competent #virtual_assistant. The person will be able […]