Scheduling and Tracking New Pins

Just occasionally posting pictures on Pinterest isn’t enough. If you want this marketing strategy to be effective, you would have to ensure that you post interesting and valuable Pins with regularity. While it may not be possible for you to manage this yourself, it is something a skilled virtual assistant would be able to handle […]

Identify Online Groups to Share New Content

The current generation is able to sync well and identify with online communities and the one way to create an impact is to share content via credible and effective online groups. However, identifying the right online groups requires a certain amount of research and planning and a virtual assistant would be able to handle this […]

Moderating Blog Comments

When you have a business #blog site and upload content regularly, you will start receiving online comments from readers. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation and keep your readers engaged and is something you’d have to do with consistency. A #virtual_assistant can moderate these comments, reply, disapprove or approve as appropriate. When […]

Create Slideshare Presentations

The one way to be known as a credible company is to consistently share fresh, engaging and interesting content with all your followers. This boosts your visibility in the market as you are then known as the “go-to” expert in that specific field. Slideshare is an excellent tool that can be used to boost your […]

Create & Categorize YouTube Playlists

If you want to optimise your YouTube channel, you should create the right theme and background, and ensure that all your playlists are created and categorised clearly. This improves the user experience and you will find that it attracts repeat viewership to your channel. A virtual assistant would be able to handle all this categorisation […]

Creating Facebook Fan Pages/Groups

Social media marketing has now become an integral part of every business’ marketing campaign and Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms in this space. If you want to build a Facebook page to interact with existing and prospective clients, but don’t know how, hire a professional to handle creation of the page, […]

Moderating YouTube Comments

When you post videos on YouTube, some of the people that watch them will post comments and there are times when some of the comments may not be suitable for online viewing. You can hire a virtual assistant as a moderator to your channel; the person will flag comments for removal and you can then […]

Create and Manage LinkedIn Account/Profile

LinkedIn is a social media networking service that can be operated via apps and websites and is an excellent way to network with peers, look for skilled professionals to join your workforce and interact with the business community in general. You need a competent virtual assistant to create and manage your LinkedIn account so you […]

Creating a Company Twitter Account

Most businesses have a Twitter account and it is a very powerful marketing tool that’s allows you to send out brief yet effective messages. You can use it to educate customers about your service/product, promote your brand and reach a new audience via this platform. However, this requires some skill, creativity and consistency and an […]