Find suitable venues for your event

Researching #event venues, co-ordinating catering, liaising with suppliers, and managing registration. Your #virtual_assistant can do all this and more.

Online Research (Statistics, Content, Facts, Competition)

Staying ahead of your competitors is about keeping your eyes and ears open. You have to regularly conduct research online and check where your rivals stand in the market. Outsourcing this job to a virtual assistant can take the stress out of this task and they can collect statistics, facts and figures that will help […]

Sending Client Invoices

Once you have completed a job or delivered a product, you also send across an invoice to the client and this can become a task of large proportions; it is one that can’t or shouldn’t be delayed or omitted. Hire a virtual assistant to send out client invoices at the point of project completion and […]

Data Mining and Development and Lead Generation

Any company that’s serious about its business adopts data mining and lead generation processes in their marketing and business development strategies. The virtual assistant you hire will use specialised software to regularly look for patterns in chunks of data that you can use for lead generation and for developing effective marketing strategies, reduce costs and […]

Following Up

Have YOPA follow up on outstanding items for you. If you do a weekly review, have YOPA follow up on all the outstanding items in your Waiting For context.