Personal Errands (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)

As a business owner, you may find that you have very little time to dedicate to various personal errands and it’s a good idea to hire a virtual assistant to book hotel reservations, purchase gifts online, send flowers to your family and friends on special occasions etc. This ensures the work gets done in a […]

Finding What Works

Have YOPA find the people, companies, or organisations that already know and practice what works in your field OR Avoiding What Doesn’t Work – sometimes knowing where people made mistakes is just as valuable as knowing how they succeeded. Have YOPA find out both.

Bill Pay

You need to pay your bills. You scan, mail or fax them to Your Online Personal Assistant, or, with automatic billpay, bills are paid monthly automatically. Your #virtual_assistant sets up an online bill payment service with payment authorization for you. Your Online Personal Assistant prepares payments and enters them into accounting software that you can […]

Forms Creation

PDF forms are used for various functions in a business and there is software online that can be used to create these fillable forms. Some businesses also use Google Forms for managing event registrations, conducting surveys, collecting email addresses for company newsletters and more. An experienced virtual assistant would be able to tackle this task […]

Event Planning

Want to meet a big group of friends for dinner? Have a #virtual_assistant find a location, send out invites, answer people’s questions, and generally take care of logistics.

Simple eBook Layout/Formatting

Many businesses publish ebooks; it’s a great way to provide current and prospective customers valuable information and establishing your reputation as an expert in the field. While writing the content may be something you could manage yourself, the layout and formatting can be quite tedious and requires time and practice. Hiring a #virtual_assistant for the […]

Voicemail Checking

As a business person, you must be receiving a number of work-related calls. However, it isn’t always possible for you to take every call, especially when you are in a meeting with a client, addressing your staff members, driving, or caught up in some work in your office. You can hire a #virtual_assistant to check […]

Preparing Online Meeting Minutes

With the launch of the latest Internet-based communication technology, it is now common for team members within an organisation to work from various #remote locations, and #meetings are conducted online too. Hiring a good #virtual_assistant for preparing online meeting minutes is the smart method of getting this necessary administrative task off your plate. The person […]

Hotel and Flight Booking

Get up, up and away secure in the knowledge that you #flights and #accommodation reservations are ready and waiting. Your #virtual_assistant can handle these tasks.

Transcription of Audio & Video Files

There are times when meetings, interviews and presentation #recordings have to be #transcribed. This could be required because they have to be published, documented or simply filed for office purposes in the form of a word document. You can hire a #virtual_assistant to transcribe your business’ audio and video files. The person needs to have […]