Sending of Greeting eCards, Event Invitations, etc.

You send out event invitations to prospective customers and greeting eCards to wish existing customers on important dates like their birthdays, anniversaries etc. as it’s a good way to build a strong relationship with them. Hiring a virtual assistant for this job, takes the burden of this administrative task off of your shoulders and you […]

Creating & Scheduling Broadcast Emails to Promote Content

Successful email marketing is about maintaining consistency and ensuring you keep the communication going with your audience; it’s why you send out promotional content and offers via email to your customers. A virtual assistant can manage and schedule broadcast emails that will ensure your promotional content reaches your target audience with regularity and your brand […]

Personal Errands (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)

As a business owner, you may find that you have very little time to dedicate to various personal errands and it’s a good idea to hire a virtual assistant to book hotel reservations, purchase gifts online, send flowers to your family and friends on special occasions etc. This ensures the work gets done in a […]

Preparation of Training Content

Even a small organisation needs to conduct training sessions for new hires and upgrade training for existing employees; this helps keep their skills sharp. However, preparing training content can be a laborious job that needs a certain skillset. A good virtual assistant would be able to prepare training modules that include process as well as […]

Calendar Management

Any business person that manages a team or group of people knows exactly how challenging it can be to schedule, re-schedule and track meeting, RSVP responses and absentee reports. Your virtual assistant will manage all these and will ensure there is no overlap or clash in schedules, and that all this information is synced to […]

Scheduling and Tracking New Pins

Just occasionally posting pictures on Pinterest isn’t enough. If you want this marketing strategy to be effective, you would have to ensure that you post interesting and valuable Pins with regularity. While it may not be possible for you to manage this yourself, it is something a skilled virtual assistant would be able to handle […]

Identify Online Groups to Share New Content

The current generation is able to sync well and identify with online communities and the one way to create an impact is to share content via credible and effective online groups. However, identifying the right online groups requires a certain amount of research and planning and a virtual assistant would be able to handle this […]

Finding What Works

Have YOPA find the people, companies, or organisations that already know and practice what works in your field OR Avoiding What Doesn’t Work – sometimes knowing where people made mistakes is just as valuable as knowing how they succeeded. Have YOPA find out both.

Appointment Scheduling

Most business owners now use #appointment scheduling software to ensure that there is no double booking of time slots. However, the software doesn’t work by itself and you may find yourself feeding in information and appointment timings too often. A #virtual_assistant will ensure that the appointments and timings (with changes in schedules etc.) are uploaded […]

Reminder Services

Business folk wear a number of hats and that also means they juggle #schedules, travel, #appointments, meetings and more. Many also find it very difficult to use integrated software and manage it well. You can reduce the possibility of a slip-up by hiring the services of a #virtual_assistant to send you text reminders, email reminders, […]